Scamp the ArtActiv Dog

About Scamp - He was a frequent visitor to the cabins and was much loved by the youngsters who used to come to the art workshops we ran.  His time with us ran out on 29th October 2016 and in tribute I wrote the following about our wonderful boy who gave so much joy to so many. 

To have had your companionship for 15 years has been a privilege

Small though you are your passing leaves a huge hole in all our lives

You’ve had a great time, done all the things a terrier should and much more too

But now comes the time for you to go, parting is hard but the memories are sweet

Farewell old friend we shall miss you. 


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Art Service for UK School Trips

Art Services for UK School Trips

We are pleased to announce that we will be working with the popular website UK School Trips to promote the cabins as a great place for adventurous school children to learn and play.

As a child I remember the benefits gained and the fun had when taking a school trip, whether it be to the museum for the day or for a week long trip to the Lake District. School trips are a fantastic way for children to learn, they break down the traditional methods and put children into a relaxed atmosphere when they can absorb as much new information as they can carry. School trips place children in environments where they can learn first-hand from the stimuli around them.

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Why Not Try Scrapbooking?

Why Not Try Scrapbooking?

Every now and then when I visit my parents house I will dig up the scrapbook they created for me during the very early years of my life. It's always great fun to see the cards friends and relatives sent to congratulate my parents on my arrival into this world and to see my early artistic creations. Every time without failure I wish that it was longer, I wish that I had continued to add things to it as I got older. It would be nice to have a complete record of all the significant events in my life in one place.

ArtActiv was delighted to have been contacted by a group who do precisely this. For Janice and Lorraine, the minds behind GoGo Getaway, scrapbooking is a serious business, together they have been running weekend scrapbooking retreats since 2008. The idea is to help people produce attractive, creative and original scrapbooks to keep their memories in. A professionally made scrapbook can truly be timeless.

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