The River Waveney

Meandering along the Norfolk, Suffolk border is the very pretty river Waveney. The upper sections are clear and gently flowing and offer a haven for all sorts of wildlife - Swans, herons and kingfishers can be seen on the river and, in the summer beautiful damselflies, butterflies and dragonflies, although otters are living in the river they are not easily seen.

For those with their own canoes Scole is an easy access point as it is situated just 6 miles from Suffolk Cabins, from here on downstream there are relatively easy access and egress spots for most of the way along the river.  Canoes can be hired from various places, one of the best is the Caravan site at Bungay just off the A143 and whilst you're there the historic town of  Bungay is well worth a visit

An excellent guide to canoeing the Waveney written in conjunction with The Environment Agency is available and getting hold of a copy is recommended, do visit the River Waveney Trust web site for lots of useful information. 

For walkers it is especially worth mentioning the mid-suffolk footpath, the route of which can be checked out at  Perhaps one of the best ways to see the river is from a canoe, they have the advantage of being totally silent, allowing you to get closer to wildlife whilst enjoying the beautiful landscape of the Waveney Valley and can be enjoyed by any age.